Kristen Penfold Design is both inspired by locally sourced materials and collaborating with artisan tradespeople who are passionate about what they do.

Our welder is a family owned business in Southern California.  Everything is welded by hand in his shop.  He has been welding for over 20 years and has a small, skilled team that works along with him.  Nothing leaves his shop without him personally making sure every piece is perfect.

Our woodshop is a small family owned business, each piece is glued and milled by hand in Southern California.  Finishes are sprayed or applied by hand.

We use reclaimed wood from all over the United States, usually from reclaimed barns.  It is shipped by rail to a local lumber yard and is hand selected for the size and variations necessary.  Much of the wood from our tables has also come from a whiskey distillery once located just north of Los Angeles. 

Everything we use is made in the USA.  Our casters for our bar carts are made in Michigan.  All our glass is cut in the heart of Los Angeles.  Any fasteners we use are either made by our welder or made in the USA.